2016 Annual Meeting Lecture Topic

2016 Michigan Periodontal Association Lecture Topic

Can Peri-Implantitis be Treated?

Abstract: Implant complications have recently become a major challenge to many implant practitioners. This lecture discusses current approaches in diagnosing peri-implant diseases and the etiology factors that may contribute to their occurrence. In addition, common implant complications such as esthetic, biologic and biomechanical related will be discussed. The approaches used to avoid these problems before they occur will be illustrated. A decision tree of how to manage these complications will be presented. The pros and cons of techniques used to treat implant diseases/complications such as chemotherapeutic agents, apically positioned flap, implant surface detoxification, implantoplasty, guided bone regeneration, soft tissue grafts, implant removal as well as re-implantation will be discussed.

Learning Objective:

  • Recognize etiologic factors that may contribute to peri-implant diseases and how we diagnosing them
  • Learn how to avoid common implant complications
  • Understand decision tree used to select treatment modalities for the management of implant complications and learn how to properly manage peri-implantitis