2017 Annual Meeting Lecture Topic

Team Approach in Treating Comprehensive Periodontal and Restorative Cases

This course will emphasize the TEAM approach in treating comprehensive periodontal and restorative cases.
Topics to be discussed include:

  • Diagnosis as it relates to Restorative treatment
  • Understanding Attached Gingiva as it relates to restorative dentistry. A surgical discussion will be undertaken as to when to treat insufficiencies as well as various modalities to accomplish these results
  • Cores and Provisionals, their importance in periodontal surgery
  • Biologic Shaping, an adjunct to conventional periodontal surgery
  • Biologic width as it relates to restorative dentistry and the importance as it relates to the non invasion of this area
  • Cosmetics – periodontal and restorative understanding
  • Altered Active and Passive Eruption. Treatment surgically to create ideal esthetic results
  • Margin location and materials for ideal Restorative outcomes
  • Predictability for long term success

The following documents may be useful to review as part of this lecture topic:

Why a Core Buildup?
Reasons for Core Buildup